Baby Jewelry

Generally I no longer use swarovski crystals in bracelets I make for younger children unless requested as babies have a tendency to chew on them at times and swarovski has released statments that their crystals contain small amounts of lead.  They do state it cannot be ingested by handling alone though.  I only use swarovski on some of the hair accessories if requested.. 

Berry Sweet Bracelet - $8.00

Over the Rainbow Bracelet - $8.00

Gingerbread Girl Bracelet - $8.00


Newborn to Infant baby bracelet - 4" baby bracelet with a 1" growth chain up to 5"
Baby to Toddler bracelet - 5" baby bracelet with a 1" growth chain  up to 6"
Toddler to big girl bracelet ~ 6" bracelet with a 1" growth chain  up to 7"